May 6th-29th 2017

“Functional Beauty” – an exhibition to celebrate the beauty and function of the handmade.  Exhibitors: Petrel Furniture, Matthew Pare; Emily Mackey; Chris Keenhan & Frances Murray.

September 23rd – October 8th  

Carol Farrow: a commemorative exhibition of her remaining work: paperworks, paintings & paper clay pieces.  This was a wonderful celebration of Carol’s work and her as a special person – for further information please log on to

November 3rd-12th

10am-5pm Saturdays & Sundays or by appointment



New paintings by Kate Sherman

Prompted by a desire to gain perspective on recent events in the country and abroad, Kate Sherman has made a series of new paintings that utilise highpoints on the South Downs to gain an aerial viewpoint of the surrounding landscape. Documentary-like in their precision and appearance, closer inspection reveals many layers of paint applied to the surface in linear, horizontal bands. Depicting primarily the landscape below and around Ditchling Beacon, these works, with their muted colours, bring to mind aerial war photography of the 1940s, while also celebrating the inherent beauty of this land, much of which has remained unchanged since that time.

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