May 6th-29th 2017

“Functional Beauty” – an exhibition to celebrate the beauty and function of the handmade.  Exhibitors: Petrel Furniture, Matthew Pare; Emily Mackey; Chris Keenhan & Frances Murray

September 23rd – October 8th  

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am-5.30pm

Carol Farrow: a commemorative exhibition of her remaining work: paperworks, paintings & paper clay pieces.

Dusk 3

Carol Farrow was an educator, artist and pioneer whose work was equally accomplished across linen, paper and paper clay.  She worked from her home in the village of Lherm, SW France and from her studios in south east London.

Carol trained at Goldsmith College in Fine Art & Ceramics, her inspiration coming from costume, objects, architecture and local buildings, as well as from surfaces worn, deteriorated or affected by age.  Her work has been exhibited since 1986, showing across the UK, Europe, the USA and China.  She also contributed to a number of books on Papermaking, helping to secure her reputation as an inspirational teacher, but also as an artist.  Her innovative work in pioneering the medium of Paper Clay still stands as an example of transformational artistic expression, and it will remain the lasting legacy of an artist who firmly believed that good work only comes from hard work.

Very sadly, after a short illness, Carol died on 28th February 2012.

All works are for sale and an illustrated catalogue can be found on

November 3rd-12th

Kate Sherman:  New landscape paintings